First Day of School

First attempt at Wire and bead Crochet Nice Huh

Two of my three children went back to school today.  The third is out of school, on his own.  As I was helping my middle son clean his room yesterday before he started his senior year at high school, I was likening this process to what I go through between big beading projects. De-cluttering, cleaning up, starting fresh… all important steps for getting the creative juices going. I am participating, for the first time, in the Bead Soup Blog Party organized and sponsored by Bead Artist Extrodinaire Lori Anderson at So I am going to clean my room before I begin.  My son did not believe me that this was a necessary step for being successful as a senior in a highly competitive program about to apply for colleges, have a bar mitzvah, write three major papers, take two IB tests, and ofcourse, his most important priority, have fun. Oh well, it takes age to produce such wisdom.  He told me yesterday that “I should look now, because it will be back to the way it was in three days or less.”  So today before he came home from school, I snuck into his room and admired the floor without papers and dirty socks, the shiny trophies from his entire childhood of sports and I thought whether he admits it or not, this is going to help him accomplish his goals this year.

As for my goals, I am going to post the pictures of my work in progress from two days ago.  I am going to gather the beads for the party.  Keep reading my blog for updates and I am goinng to finish a necklace that is sitting on my workspace waiting for the clasp. 

Second attempt was the worse than the first


My third atempt kind of looked like an earring


 She thinks she’s got it