The Learning Curve

When I first started beading 10 years ago, I realized quickly that reading the instructions almost never worked for me.  As an educator in a public high school for ten years, I noticed all the different styles of learning— visual, kinesthetic, auditory, naturalistic.  The list goes on… but knowing your prefered learning style translates into success. I am an auditory and visual learner. Explain to me, draw me a picture and let me ask questions and interact with the instructor and I get it.  My neice, Elizabeth, who was much better at reading instructions, used to take the written beading instructions and translate them for me.  She would draw simple diagrams and re-write the instructions taking into account my wierd way of looking at things. 

Fast forward five years to 2011–for the past month now I have been struggling with a form of bead crochet that kept eluding me.  Finally, a few nights ago, while working on this technique, it clicked. I got it and I did it without a teacher explaining it to me or even my neice drawing it out.  So maybe, an old dog can learn new tricks. Learning new things, perfecting a technique takes practice, practice and more practice.  Tearing apart a failed piece or even discovering a mistake actually looks good is part of this process.  One of my earlier efforts at the bead crochet necklace I was working on actually might work as an earring.  So I have one earring.  Now if I can only figure out what I did wrong again, so I can make a second earring. Lol. Tomorrow I promise to take pictures and add it to this post.