Art Alliance of Lee County draws a crowd

The skies were blue, the sun was shining and for the most part there was only a gentle breeze–Southwest Florida at its finest.  Saturday, October 22nd, the Art Alliance of Lee County held their second annual Fall for the Arts.  I knew it was going to be a good day, when my booth was stationed right next to one of my icons… Doug MacGregor, a political cartoonist and author. I figured if I didn’t make any sales or have a customers, I was in for great conversation.  What I love about events like this is that it attracts people who appreciate art and recognize people who have turned their passion into a potential living.  The other great thing about this event is that it encourages demonstrations.  I demonstrated bead crochet and actually completed a bracelet during the day.

Teaching and Selling at the same time works for me.

So now I am going to stop talking and show you a few pictures from the event.

My Banner adds a Nice Touch Photo by Mark Trank


By the time Mark got there to shoot the Crowds had thinned out

I really enjoy talking with customers. Photo by Mark Trank

By the way,  I have to share something really interesting.  There is a growing trend among jewelry artists to combine efforts to increase sales for all.  I saw evidence of this at the show… when a a few artists came up to me and offered to share space at a store or even give me a heads up on future events.  This is happening on line as well.  Check out Melinda Orr’s blog at to be part of a Big Yard Sale and Give Away.


Getting your first gig

I remember when I decided I was going to break into TV news.  I was a radio reporter in Miami, Florida (1983) and I started looking for TV jobs.  The key to applying for a TV news job was to have a video tape of yourself doing TV news.  Well there was just one problem, I was a radio reporter. I had plenty of audio tapes of myself reporting the news.  I had even won an Associated Press award for my investigative reporting on asbestos in a public building.  Finally, I borrowed my husband’s news tapes (he was a TV reporter at the time) and I dubbed my voice over his pictures and we shot a stand up with me.  I got my first gig on TV in Jacksonville, Florida.  Fast forward more than 25 years.  I am ready to do some of the local arts and crafts shows selling my jewelry.  In the 50 miles around where I live, there are atleast one or two shows a month between now and April.  One problem, all of the applications are asking for a picture of my professional booth.  Well I don’t have one.  I have a hand-made job, but that is probably not going to get me into any of the shows, no matter how pretty my jewelry is.  So anyone out there have a beautiful booth I can borrow to put myself and my jewelry in front of, so I can be considered for these gigs.  Then I will have to actually figure out how to put one together before the first show.