Life changes– some good, some bad, always grateful

Life gets so busy, sometimes it seems there is not enough time to reflect.  I read my good friend’s Lori Anderson’s Blog tonight and realized that I am losing touch with my blog friends.  So here is a summary of what has been happening.

This weekend, my 17 year old son, Danny is having a Bar Mitzvah.  We missed out when he was thirteen (long story).  However, the decision to do this was entirely his and I am amazed how he has pulled himself together to accomplish this beautiful spiritual journey.  He will be leading an entire 1.5 hours service this weekend in front of 70 to 80 people.  It will be mostly in Hebrew.  When you have an event like this, you gain perspective on friends and family.  Some of my family never even RSVP’d and some friends who haven’t seen me for years sent my son a generous gift. 

Life changes.  Friendships come and go.  Even dynamics of your own family change.  Danny mentioned how excited he was that his older brother Ben is coming to town.  He used to resent him.  Now he wants to take off from school to spend all of his time with him.  I hope this feeling continues into adulthood.  I hope they still care enough about each other to attend each other’s important events.  I hope they put aside petty differences and come together when end-of-life decisions have to be made about their parents.  My siblings have fallen apart as my mom’s alzheimers worsens.  No more family get togethers over Thanksgiving where all 30 plus grandchildren hang out in my brother or sister’s yard.   So in the midst of my joy over my son’s success, I am also feeling a bit disappointed with most of my brothers and sisters. (One brother,John and his wife Sue have changed their plans to attend).  But my friends have come through. Many of them are taking time out of their busy lifes to honor my son and our friendship by attending and for this, I am truly grateful.



  1. Family dynamics — OH honey, could I tell you an earful. If you need to vent, email me!

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