The Value of Friendship and positive feedback

In a dog-eat-dog world, there are moments when you feel all alone.  In the past few weeks as I have  faced conflicts over family and career,  I must admit I grew  a bit discouraged.  My neck was out, my stomach was upset and a general sense of lethargy was beginning to overcome me.  Then the Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal Day occured and all of a sudden, I was getting positive feedback.  At last count, I had more than 60 people say nice things about my jewelry that I had designed.  I had friends and people who valued me.  Then a dear friend of mine returned from a trip and brought me a present.  It was a book of Celtic and Chinese Knots.  She thought of me when she was away and valued my love of making jewelry enough to buy me a gift that supports my passion.  So here’s to new and old friends and the value of positive feedback.  Give someone you care about positive strokes today.  It really makes a difference.



  1. Andrea,
    Having walked at least a mile in your shoes, I firmly believe one ought to look good even when the going gets rough! I did neglect to include a gift card to buy all those lovely materials you will need as you work through the book.
    Looking on the bright side!

  2. Andrea,
    I love your honest observations and your ability to connect your journey to cosmic and universal truths. The writing is not bad either 🙂 Love and hugs.

  3. Here, here, Andrea, I think we should try and give more positive feedback then negative. I realize that we have to learn from our mistakes but I think there is a kinder more gentler way that we can all learn to be.

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