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  Well its finally here…Bead Soup Blog 2011 Party Day.  In the end, I made two necklaces out of my wonderful ingredients sent by Jayne aka Boot C .  The first necklace was my effort to be symmetrical.  I wrote about my need for symmetry in my last blog.  I would actually call this reverse symmetry…   I was challenged by how to use the hammered piece of copper and ended up using my new wire wrapping technique to make it a pendant.  Then I used the ribbon Jayne sent to connect her wire wrapped semi precious stone flower in front.  But there was still one more centerpiece that I could not fit into this design, so I designed an entirely different necklace for that. I used Bead Weaving techniques.  Jayne had wire wrapped a lime green pearl in the copper.  I played upon those two colors in choosing my seed beads and glass pearls.  I ended up using Jayne’s clasp as a connector on the first necklace, so I used a button to clasp the second necklace. Let me know what you think please.  I wish every party was this long and fun.  Thanks Lori.

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Necklace 2 started off as a bracelet, but it was too big for my wrist, so being a fan of symmetry, I repeated the pattern on the other side and voila, it was choker.



  1. Lovely pieces! The color combos and textures are great!

  2. Love the bracelet turned choker…both are lovely.

  3. ~Love your bead work with the nest pendant, almost looks like a series of little twigs. Love the way you worked out the flower pendant as well.
    Thanks!! :D~ I really have enjoyed visiting….

  4. The necklace with the hammered piece of copper is so nice! Ithink it has a great texture.

  5. Beautiful necklaces! I really like the colours. My fave is the bead woven necklace — love it! Fab work!

  6. Soup-er cool! You rocked out your bead soup mix!

  7. You did a beautiful job with your soup! And the bird’s nest is adorable.

  8. Gorgeous creations!
    What cute boxes you have, love them…

  9. Wow! So pretty 🙂 You did a fantastic job!

  10. Beautiful designs! Both pieces are fun and unique. I also like the contrast of techniques used for each necklace. Nice work. The bead soup focals you received are really wonderful!

  11. Wow, they turned out great! You have some really awesome ideas!

  12. I envy all you bead weavers. A lot of time is spent doing that. Your stuff is really nice

  13. Love your pieces, but especially the beadwoven one! I am an addicted weaver!

  14. I love your bracelet-cum-choker!The wire wrapped pearl is a perfect focal piece for the front of a choker. Your beadweaving sets it off beautifully.

  15. Two great pieces, but especially like your bead woven and bird’s nest one.

  16. Beautiful work, love the colors of soft green and copper.

  17. What pretty work! I love that both pieces are so different! Great job!

  18. Both of your necklace are so very cool, but I’m absolutely digging that choker. The bird’s nest, the colors, the technique. . .wonderfully done!!

  19. Love your necklaces….I think they both would look great with the perfect outfits,,,very nice!

  20. I love both of these pieces! Turquoise & red are a favorite color combination. But then I love seed bead work so much. So I couldn’t pick a favorite. Oh, and I loved the bird’s nest. Just adorable. That you made that yourself astounds me! Good job all the way around!

  21. Really pretty beadwork.

  22. beautiful pieces!

  23. Both are very beautiful but I HEART that second necklace (that was started as a bracelet)!!! 🙂

  24. Beautiful! Your bead work is fantastic!

  25. Lovely! The aqua popping out of the bead weaving is delicious!

  26. Line Labrecque says:

    I love what you did with your soup. The bird’s nest is very nice.

  27. What beautiful designs you created from a fantastic soup mix! The bead weaving technique is gorgeous with your choker, and the copper and colors in the second necklace are right up my alley. Great job! 🙂

  28. Ok, as a beadweaver, I’m totally drawn to that necklace. Great colors! But the thing that really grabs me is that adorable little birds nest!! You did such a great job on both pieces!

  29. Great Soup. love all the greens with the copper. Those lampwork beads are gorgeous and I love your bead weaving too! Nice work.

  30. Love your second necklace the pendant is very nice.

  31. They are both very pretty, but I particularly enjoy the mix of colors and textures/patterns on the first one. Well done!

  32. Bobbie Rafferty says:

    I like how you made the pendant, and the beadweaving is really nice. Pretty, pretty, pretty!

  33. snazzy doodle says:

    I love all the color in the first necklace. But I really like the bead weaving in the second. They both look great!

  34. Simply beautiful! Love the beadwork 🙂

  35. So pretty – I love the way you wrapped the stones into a star – that piece is my favorite!

  36. Your pieces are beautiful…great job.

  37. You did a nice job!

  38. Your piece is great and it has a box to match!

  39. Nice work 🙂 I love the ‘bracelet – turned- choker’ !

  40. Both are lovely pieces – the way they are put together makes me want to look more closely at every element.

  41. Nice job Andrea! Very pretty! I love the color pallet you had to work with 🙂

  42. Both necklaces are beautiful but I am partial to the first one with the reverse symmetry, very cool idea

  43. Love the colors. Very artful. Can the choker be worn as double wrap bracelet? That would be awesome. Thanks for sharing. Cherrie

  44. I love both necklaces!

  45. Both pieces are fantastic. I love the beadwork with the wired focal!

  46. Very pretty, the copper really brings the colors out.

  47. Andrea,

    These are both just gorgeous! I love how you added the bead weaving and the little nest piece that holds a bead so sweetly!

  48. I think both pieces look fantastic! Great job! You used such a varied mix of elements, I find something new every time I look at them. 🙂

  49. I love them both! The seed-beading, the work on the pendant – it’s all simply smashing. You should be VERY proud of yourself!

    I hope you’ll join me again — the new badge and dates will be posted on my blog on the 19th!

    Love, Lori

  50. Hahah, I didn’t get at first what you meant by “reverse symmetry” but that changed in an instant when I got to look at the big images of the first necklace – I love how it’s symmetric … yet not! Nicely done. The second necklace is just as gorgeous, and something I’d wear myself. I love the bead weaving.

  51. Two beautiful necklaces! The second one is my favourite – the colours are lovely, and the button works really well.

  52. beautiful work! I love the colors and that little nest!

  53. I love your bracelet turned choker. It’s so feminine. And the button clasp just really makes it. You did a great job of the wire wrapping with the copper piece for the focal on the second necklace. I love them both.

  54. Beautiful creations Andrea, copper always gives one’s work a warm glow. I really like the choker that started out to be a bracelet.

  55. I love the way you stacked the focal. Yummy soft colors on both necklaces; romantic and elegant.

  56. Nice beadwork! REALLY makes your pieces stand out!

  57. Amazing pieces you’ve made. I’m particularly impressed with the beadweaving! Must’ve taken ages! Well done

  58. great pieces – it looks like you really had fun with this!

  59. Beautiful pieces! I’m finally trying to make the rounds and it’s so fun to see all of the different styles and techniques.

  60. Lovely and inspirational thank you for sharing

  61. I really like both pieces but my fav is the one that looks to be right angle weave with a birds nest with a hidden egg??? Any how you did a great job. The bright one is just plain fun- especially how you mixed it up.
    Alice’s Beads and Baubles

  62. Very nice!!

  63. Love your bead weaving! Beautiful creations! Awesome job!

  64. Beautiful necklaces!!

  65. Both are lovely. I should try some bead weaving some time as it looks so pretty.

  66. Lovely colors and I really love what you created!
    Be blessed to be a blessing

  67. Wonderful! You have created two terrific pieces of wearable art. I like your use of color and texture. Thank you for sharing your artistic process with us. Cheers!

  68. Really pretty pieces! I love your “reverse symmetry”. It works!

  69. Great work, beautiful necklaces! HAve a nice day! Yours Doris

  70. Lovely necklaces!

  71. very beautiful work.

  72. pretty, love the wire work on the circle of beads for the pendant

  73. Love what you came up with! This was fun…again.

  74. Really, really pretty soup! Great job!

  75. both necklaces are beautiful, but i am always partial to beadweaving. i just love the flow of the choker and the earthy colors and the intricacy. Gorgeous!

  76. Lovely work! We’re all being pushed outside our comfort zones — with amazing results!

    Enjoy the hop,

  77. Lovely colors, and what a fantastic result!

  78. Ann Sherwood says:

    Very nice, I also love the fact that your bracelet was too long and became a choker. You just worked with what the beads were telling you.

  79. Necklace 1 has a really wonderful free-spirited feel, while number 2 is a study in contrast with the symmetrical beading surrounding a wire tantrum. I love your work on this!

  80. These are both lovely, I especially like the flower with the bead weaving!

  81. Love the colors and the techniques you have used. Both very unique and beautiful.

  82. Andrea your pieces are so beutiful! I really love the weaving w/ the nest, the colours are so pretty. You did a great job w/ you Soup, my compliments to the chef!

  83. What a beautiful soup you made my friend, your work is truly stunning!! Thanks for sharing & all I can say is yummmmmy!!!

  84. Wow! Welcome to Bead Soup, your work is superb.

  85. You made two lovely pieces from your bead soup ingredients, Andrea!

  86. I love both pieces! So pretty!

  87. Beautiful necklaces, I love both of them!

  88. great pieces!

  89. Great job on the bead soup! Your pieces are fabulous!

  90. Fabulous pieces – both of them are stunning! Love what you did with the second necklace, the bead weaving with the copper pendant are awesome! Excellent work!

  91. I love how you did the bead looks so good with the wire wrapped pearl. Beautiful.

  92. Great stuff. I love the pendant. Excellent. 😉


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