Handmade Happiness

I picked up a magazine today called Natural Awakenings.They have a web site at . In the magazine, I read an article entitled Handmade Happiness. The theme of the article was that making things by hand enriches one’s life and contributes to a greater sense of well-being by giving us “a sense of competence and completion that may be difficult to find in our digital ephemeral world.” (Judith Fertig) The author goes on to explain that the arts and crafts movement is particularly beneficial considering that “Modern Life offers a million distractions, a million ways to kill time.” (American Craft Council) I took up jewelry-making a dozen years ago to help me deal with the constant stress of teaching and raising three active boys. I also needed something to do other than watch tv during a three week winter storm. Like many crafters, I came into it accidentally. But once I started I could not stop. If the act of making and selling my jewelry stops feeding my soul and becomes a burden or “too much like a job” then I might have to take up something new like auto detailing (my husband would love that considering how poorly I take care of my car). There is a lot of creativity in this as well. Lol


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