Getting your first gig

I remember when I decided I was going to break into TV news.  I was a radio reporter in Miami, Florida (1983) and I started looking for TV jobs.  The key to applying for a TV news job was to have a video tape of yourself doing TV news.  Well there was just one problem, I was a radio reporter. I had plenty of audio tapes of myself reporting the news.  I had even won an Associated Press award for my investigative reporting on asbestos in a public building.  Finally, I borrowed my husband’s news tapes (he was a TV reporter at the time) and I dubbed my voice over his pictures and we shot a stand up with me.  I got my first gig on TV in Jacksonville, Florida.  Fast forward more than 25 years.  I am ready to do some of the local arts and crafts shows selling my jewelry.  In the 50 miles around where I live, there are atleast one or two shows a month between now and April.  One problem, all of the applications are asking for a picture of my professional booth.  Well I don’t have one.  I have a hand-made job, but that is probably not going to get me into any of the shows, no matter how pretty my jewelry is.  So anyone out there have a beautiful booth I can borrow to put myself and my jewelry in front of, so I can be considered for these gigs.  Then I will have to actually figure out how to put one together before the first show.



  1. ITry to figure out something, but be there in your first show. Hope you can find some help.

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