I believe in evolution

I believe in evolution –this is not a political statement.  Although as a science teacher, I really have studied the evidence presented by scientists on evolution and I have taught it as part of the earth science curriculum.  But I am not talking here about human evolution, I am talking about my evolution as a jewelry designer.  I finally photographed a few of my signficant early pieces in my growth as a jewelry designer.  My very first piece, which I can’t part with, the bracelet I made for my son to give to a girl on Valentine’s Day, when he was in seventh grade. I worked feverishly on it up until the day before, when he announced to me that he decided to break up with her.  I have kept that bracelet to remind me of all the hearts my Danny is going to break.  My first efforts at bead weaving…edges curling, half completed spirals, hundreds of dollars spent on lessons and materials producing products that would never be worn, let alone see the light of day.  Then there are the pieces, where I thought I had a great idea, but the execution of that idea quite what I had hoped for… so into the junk pile it went. Finally, there are some pieces that are just dated.  Now I have not been beading that long, but like clothing styles, jewelry styles come and go and some of them are more likely to be worn regionally like my hippie Unakite necklace, which was popular in Charlottesville, Virginia, not so in Southwest Florida.  So take a journey with me down ten years of jewelry making.  Its ok to laugh.  Its even better if you want to say “my she has evolved and adapted over time.”  Lol

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  1. It’s always fun to look back over the road traveled….I might have to go review my gallery pics!

  2. Beautiful work. Stunning in fact. Photos are very nice.

  3. Hi Andrea – I followed your post in the Bead Soup forum over here. You’ve certainly grown as a jewelry designer. I see alot of the same beads I started with, the red glass Czech druks, crystal bicones – some of those are still my favorites. They don’t say dated so much as they say beginner. Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. – My son’s name is Danny (Daniel) too! Are you sure we’re not related? 😉

  4. joe speese says:

    You got me . . . excellent writing and marketing. I was about to comment on the political view point and than I was looking at your jewelry. Very nice.

    • If you want to buy, contact me. I would love to make something for a special girl in your life. I think you have daughters and I always see pictures of you with a pretty girl. Andrea

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