My Bead Soup Ingredients Arrived Today


I love interacting with people, I don’t always love interacting with technology.  Case-in-point, while working today at my friend’s store, the cash register roll jammed,  the inventory reader had an error message, my cell phone kept disconnecting while my friend was trying to help me navigate a complicated sale and I couldn’t ring up several sales.

So when I arrived home and saw this adorable package waiting for me, I just knew that my day was about to improve….my bead soup ingredients were here all the way from Oklahoma via Jayne aka BootC It got better when I opened up a pdf tutuorial produced by Christine Miles, who showed me how to improve my photographs.  So here are my beautiful bead ingredients in much better photographs. I think…


It arrived in a Heart.  How cool is that?

When I spread out ithe beads, it looked liked palm trees and Florida skies

 Then I tried a technique that Chris taught me in her tutorial about cropping close and then expanding the photo, so here are my close-ups.

Lampwork beads the color of the Palms

Does this not look like a cool insect you would find in Florida. Did Jayne know I was a former science teacher?



A beaded bead made of semi precious stones and copper wire

 Thanks you BootC.  I think I am going to name my piece Oklahoma’s Majestic Palms.

Reveal Date is September 17



  1. Very cool ingredients…looking forward to what you create.

  2. LOOOOVE those lampwork beads so much!

  3. Beautiful beads! I really love the metal focal. Jayne is the best swap partner!! Can’t wait to see your creation.

  4. Ann Sherwood says:

    Great soup, should get your creative juices flowing.

  5. the pictures are beautiful, Andrea.I never could capture the colour of juls’ beads like you did,( I’m not sure I labeled her beads properly, you got the pink I never could!I’m glad you like them, Boot~C

  6. Those are wonderful beads for your Bead Soup. And thanks for the link for the photographs. I’ll check it out next.

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