I created this blog a month ago so I could join in the Bead Soup Blog Party.  I cannot begin to describe the benefits I have received from being part of this creative community.  At first, I became overwhelmed, “How on earth, can there be so many talented artists who in addition to making their beads or jewelry, also have time to take beautiful pictures, post them on several different mediums, keep up with life etc.  Would they include a bumbling new blogger and help her along.” 

Yes, they did.  Since joining this party, I have learned to create an Etsy treasury (still have not done yet), learned to properly use Facebook for business, learned abit about marketing properly for blogs and getting others to notice your blog and your jewelry. I have added a signature to all my emails which will help promote my business and I have learned about the generosity of so many people, who don’t consider each other as competition, but as collaborators in the making of beautiful jewelry and educating people about our craft.  So thanks to Lori Anderson and all of you out there who have willingly participated and helped others like me. 

I still have not solved my photography conundrum, but I will post a picture of my first foray into wire wrapping cabochons.  I took a class last week from my friend, Babs Snyderman of Bab’s Beads in Fort Myers, Florida.  She is an accomplished jeweler and a very patient teacher. 

My First Wire Wrap. The Cabochan is Petried Wood. Wire is silver-filled.

 I have since worked on two more cabochans.  I am very proud of the second one.  If I ever figure out my lens conundrum, I will post.  One thing I have learned in all my years teaching, is that if you don’t immediatley practice a new skill, you will never remember it.  So I am determined to make many more wrapped cabochans in the next week to solifidy my learning.



  1. I am SO glad you made this blog — and it’s looking great! And WOW you’ve absorbed a lot and have taken it to heart so fast! You’re really on your way.

    On the photography — are you using the macro setting? It usually looks like a little flower on the camera and that takes out the blurriness when you take close-ups. Feel free to email me with the make of the camera you’re using and I’ll help as much as I can.

    • Thanks Lori, I think I have tried everything. Another bead artist suggests, I take the pictures on night setting and get a seperate flash. I am actually using a very expensive Nikon D-80. The problem is the lens is too big and I can’t get close enough. Christine, who I met through your wonderfuly Blog Party made me a tutorial on how to crop closer to get a better image. Well I got my soup today, so I am going to try a few of these ideas and see what happens.

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