Promises, promises

I promised my children that I would watch them play tennis.  When I sat on the side of the court, I was not allowed to comment or laugh or look at them or say good shot.  So why was I there? I guess they needed me right?  I promised my brother that I would come over and help with my mother… even though I have to be at the University tomorrow for the beginning of the semester.  Why am I doing it?  Because my mom has Alzheimers and everyday she forgets a bit more. I promised my friend I would cover her store because she bought a house and needed the day to move even though I have to work my night job three nights this week. Why?  Because she treats me well and I want her business to succeed.  I promised my girlfriends to arrange the tennis round robin.  Why?  Because I feel guilty when someone gets left out and I know I will make sure that doesn’t happen. I promised my husband I would not spend money this month even though I keep seeing the coolest beads I want to buy.  Well, you know why?  You are all struggling artists and it sure is hard to make living this way. And I promised whoever reads my blogs that I would post a picture of my new  improved and much more efficient technique for doing wrap bracelets.  It uses one needle, instead  two.  So here it is.  Promises, promises, promises…

Making Jewelry on my fancy frame made of cardboard, bead mat and rubber bands


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