Summer Creation

This summer I joined the Bead Dreamer’s Long Days of Summer Design Challenge.  I met Charlene on line and we immediately connected.  I was in Massachussettes in a cabin with two of my three sons and my husband.  It was quite rustic and I decided that what made this really a challenge for me was how to bead on the road without all your supplies or beads or lights.  I decided only to use what I had brought and try to design a bracelet that evoked my natural surroundings, the Berkshire Mountains .  Here is what I came up with …its based on a pattern I saw in Bead and Button Magazine.  I used seed beads, delicas, tubes, amber and a sewing clasp, which I am not thrilled with. It actually looks more fall-like than summer, but that is because I was in the boreal forest, which contains a great deal of evergreens, some maple trees and birch. 

Long Days of Summer Challenge The Berkshire Bangle

Here are blog addresses for the other participants in this challenge. Go see what they created.

 Andrew Thornton –

 Therese –

 Mary Ellen Parker –

 Tara Linda –

Charlene Sevier –

Its not midnight yet, so I am going to add a picture of my two sons and husband in the Berkshires that inspired my summer creation.

My Boys in the Berkshires



  1. I love the Berkshire mountains! Such a beautiful place.

    I think you’ve captured the richness of the forest in summer nicely with your bracelet. Sometimes, when we limit ourselves, we surprise ourselves with what we can make. I really think you’ve done an amazing job and it’s even more special because I know that you challenged yourself in so many different ways.

  2. This is a beautiful bracelet that represents the Northeastern woods very well, I really like it. I hope you are enjoying your summer vacation.

  3. I love it! It is amazing how you brought the feel of the outdoors into your piece. What artistry! Ut’s been nice talking with you. Funny how two people can connect online. Let’s stay in touch.

    • I forgot to post the pictures of the environment. I will do that when I get home tonight. I am going to pass on my posts to the Blog Soup Party group and have them all check out our designs. You have been a great inspiration to me. I never would have pursued this avenue, but I forgot how much I like to talk and write. Lol

  4. Wow Andrea: wonderful- I really like how you say “what made this really a challenge for me was how to bead on the road without all your supplies or beads or lights. I decided only to use what I had brought and try to design a bracelet that evoked my natural surroundings…”
    Sounds like the Zen of creation! I like colors and your resourcefulness to create something cool & beautiful!! (you make it look easy…) 😉

  5. Andrea, your bracelet is beautiful and after reading your post I can see the trees as I look at the colours, they’re so rich. I think the hardest part of the challenge would be beading while travelling….great job with that…..:)

  6. Amazing !!!
    Guess that goes to prove that a beader will figure a way to bead no matter what !!!
    I LOVE the colors!
    They are great for Fall, it’s true.
    But, they really create give the feel of a cool shady forest in Summer.
    A feeling surely welcome on a hot ,humid day as well !!!
    m.e. 🙂

    • Hi. I am so glad you put into words what I couldn’t this morning. It was the cool shady forest that I was after. As for a beader finding a way to bead. That has been my mode for the past ten years. Raising children, helping parents, working multiple jobs, I always have a beading project to take with me. I have even beaded at the side of the tennis courts or on the bleachers at a baseball field. Its also a great way to promote your business. People love to stop by and ask me what I am doing? Great conversation starter

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