Moonstone versus Sunstone


I am an Earth Science teacher by trade, so when I go into my favorite bead store, Bab’s Beads in Fort Myers, I always ask Kerry,the owner,  to tell me exactly what each stone is and the chemical compostion of the stones.  He had recently picked up some gorgeous moonstones and sunstones.  “So what are they made of?”  I asked.  Flippantly, he answered, “The sun! The moon! Why do you need to know?”  “Look it up please,” I insisted.  When he read the chemical composition of moonstone, it contained elements that made up the mineral feldspar.  When he read the chemical composition of sunstone, it sounded like the mineral quartz was part of it (aluminum silicate).  How ironic,  the sun and the moon— quartz and feldspar.  It has long been debated in earth science circles which of the minerals… quartz or feldspar is most common in the earth.  They are both incredibly abundant and its fascinating to me just how many different beautiful gemstones are in the quartz family or in the feldspar family.  I know it sounds science geeky to be excited about such things, but it was my interest in the earth and its beautiful rocks and minerals that sent me in the direction of jewelry design.




  1. That is the thing I enjoy hearing about as well. Although I do not pretend to understand. One of my students Nova Well,(You may have heard of her she is widely published) tell me these things and I just ouh and auh over them. Be blessed to be a blessing Sandy Richardson

    • Thank you so much for posting on my blog. You are the first person to post who I don’t know personally…. Yeah! I will definitely look at your blog and I look forward to seeing your work. Best, Andrea

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