Do you love your own cooking?

When I was younger, my mom used to cook all the time.  She was her own biggest fan.  I remember her “oohing” and “ahhing” everytime she made some new dish.   She never followed a recipe exactly and she never used the same changes more than once.  I have not reached that level of creativity in my cooking, but I feel like I express my love of my creative endeavor, namely designing and making jewelry  in the same fashion that my mom expressed her love of her cooking.  I have to love the piece I am designing in order to sell it or give it as a gift.  Often, I am reluctant to part with the piece and my husband says, “you made that for a client, deliver it”  Is there something wrong with designing for others things you love?  I would love other opinions, but I think not.  Today, I made three pairs of earrings for my dear friend Carol.  She sat with me in my studio and told me what she wanted, but she allowed me to guide her with the design.  Each pair of earrings came out beautifully.  I would wear all three.  However, when I tried to photograph the earrings, the lighting was too low and my lens did not work properly.  So I cannot share with you today’s latest creation.  Andrea, Heaven Lane Creations



  1. Sorry to comment about the Bead Soup Blog Party here, there was no email to get to you — if you go to, you’ll see down the page a little “Click Here to Register” — late last night a friend figured out a way that would save me LOADS of time having to manually enter all the names and information — this way, it puts it directly (sort of, with tweaking) into a database.

    I’m sorry for the confusion!

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