The Story of My Life

A friend just send me a joking text commenting its the “story of your life”  Andrea.  Ok, well maybe it is… but its an exciting life.  Take for instance today.  A young science teacher showed up at 10 am to help unload  fifteen years of teaching materials and make more room for my next mess.  Then at 11 am, a client showed up to pick up her jewelry, but I realized I had not shot any pictures, so I ran around outside looking for a place where the sun was shining enough to take a picture.  Lighting was not great and I need a better close up lens.  (story of my life)  Then I realized today was the deadline for the blogging tour on the Art Bead Scene Blog, so I spent the next hour figuring out if I was entering the tour correctly.  If not, better luck next time (the story of my life). I noticed a fascinating blog about a typical week in your beading studio.  I answered it, but cannot remember the name (the story of my life), so in the spirit of showing what my life and studio are like, I am going to show your pictures of my studio and explain the inner workings of my creative life.  It actually is very interent like, with spidery webs going everywhere.  Tonight it is off to Traders to sell my good friend Gretchen’s beautiful gift items, which does include a  jewelry case devoted to my creations. So as you can see not a bad day in not a bad life.  Andrea      

Wedding Jewelry Shot in low light on my porchHand Built Shelves by my friend Bruce

This is what my Studio Desk area typically looks like.  Bruce also designed the seed bead units



  1. Thanks Elspeth. I am thinking of writing a book called “diary of a mad beader”

  2. sounds like a typical day in Brenda’s life to me…………………blondie

  3. Great blog Andrea.

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